Yes, there are even karaoke songbook myths. "The songbook softwares are incorrect, they have spelling errors, they are hard to learn."  Some of these things may be true in other softwares, however, MBD has taken steps to rectify these problems when others have not.  Plus, we listen to our customers.  If we get enough requests for a certain feature we will add it if possible.  

  • Spelling Errors-  If you spend any time in our program you will see that our database is VERY clean, we have spent hundreds of man-hours cleaning data and making sure that ALL spellings are uniform.  This is a never-ending process that keeps our database the cleanest on the market.  We also have a feature called "Master List Notes" which allows users to submit any errors or misspellings they find directly to us using an internet connection.  If something is found to be wrong or missing, we will have it fixed in the next database update (updates are posted every two weeks).
  • Incorrect Listings-  This is a misconception most of the time.  There is a difference between "incorrect" and "multiple disc versions".  Unfortunately, when some karaoke music companies "re-release" or "revise" a disc, they will change position, swap songs in or out, then re-master the disc and sell it with the same disc number.  Many times there will be no distinction between these versions printed on the discs.  MBD will list multiple versions of a disc as we find them.  Other songbook softwares do not do this, so people will think the listings are wrong.  It's not really wrong, it has simply been changed by the manufacturer.  It's up to the user to choose the correct version, and double-check their listings before they print.
  • Hard To Learn-  Music Book Deluxe comes with Video Tutorials that teach the user how to do specific tasks step-by-step.  There are videos on Making Books, Printing, Deleting, Custom Disc Numbering, etc.  The videos are included on the CD-ROM, and are also downloadable from our website.  There is also a complete Operation Manual located in the "Help" menu of the software.  Plus we have an extensive F.A.Q. section that address lots of common questions and problems that people have. People can search up the topic they are wanting to learn about, then print out just that section if they want a hard copy of it.  We also offer top-notch Tech Support.  When they call our tech support lines, they will be talking to one of the owners!  We do not hire outside tech support help.
  • Song Count VS. Song Count-   Don't be misled by the "song count" of other songbook softwares.  Most softwares will list their song count like "320,000 songs in our database",  then the customer looks at Music Book Deluxe and sees a count smaller than that (we currently have 273,849 ).  This difference is due to the Multi-Plex karaoke discs.  These are discs that have half of the tracks with a lead vocal demonstration and half without (karaoke tracks).  Our database does not include the vocal tracks, which is why our song count is usually smaller.  If we were to add the vocal (non-karaoke) tracks to our database, we would be up around 350,000 songs in our database.  We don't include the vocal tracks because KJs don't want them included in their song books.
  • Computer Karaoke-  People think songbook software is only for CDG discs.  In fact, the industry has shifted to other formats.  Computer-based (MP3+G, CAVS etc.) systems are becoming more popular.  What has NOT changed is that these systems still need songbooks to hand out to the singers.  MBD has the features needed to allow people to create books for these formats, as well as mixing the formats in one songbook.  We have a program available that works with MBD to re-name your MP3/ZIP files, it will also work as a directory reader!

Let's Talk CAVS...

Music Book Deluxe has several features that are specific to CAVS.  We have an import section that allows you to import listings from a JB99, JB199, and Super CDG format.  Our database already includes all authorized Super CDG listings, however, you can import home-made or custom SCDGs directly into MBD.  With the JB99 & JB199, you can directly import the "Juke.txt" file into MBD without the need of Excel or any other software.  Once the data has been imported, it can be updated as new music is added to the hard drive.  As you may know, the database that is included on the CAVS machine is very messy, with lots of spelling errors and inconsistencies.  We have a feature called "List Assist" that works very much like a spell-checker.  It will go through the list and replace the CAVS data with MBD data using an advanced find/replace method.  It can be a time-consuming process, but it is a great feature for those who demand a uniform songbook.  Also, once the data has been cleaned, MBD has the ability to create a new Juke.txt that you can put on your CAVS hard drive so your on-screen searches will reflect the new cleaned-up version of the database. Copyright 2000 - 2013. All rights reserved.