Unique Features (not found in ANY other competing software):

  • Clean, Uniform Master Database- Our database is constantly hand-checked for spelling errors and inconsistencies. You won't be spending a bunch of time fixing spelling errors once you make your books.
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  • Customize the Disc Numbers- If you need to change the disc numbers to your own numbering system, Music Book Deluxe will help you do that quickly.  HOWEVER, when you change the number, you (and your singers) probably still would like to know what brand it is (DK, Music Maestro, Top Tunes etc..). Music Book will remember the original number and display a 3 digit code next to each song telling you the disc brand.

  • MP3 & Computer Karaoke Compatible- If you have an MP3 karaoke unit (like CAVS etc..), you have the ability to load CDGs onto the hard drive of that unit.  Once you do that, the 'Song # - Track #' format no longer applies, each song is assigned a single number for accessing it.  Music Book has a conversion tool built in that will do this tedious task for you.  Plus, it still remembers the original number for displaying the disc brand as mentioned before. Use our Free K.F.R. (Karaoke File Renamer, Zipper & Folder Reader) Tool to assist in renaming computer karaoke files for that uniform look or reading folders of hard drives to assist in building your list.

  • Automated Input for Custom Discs- You may have a custom or demo disc that is not in our database, we have a feature called "Quick Entry" which allows you to input your listings song-by-song.  This process uses advanced programming technology to automate the numbering, search & click for Song Title, then choose the artist from a list.  VERY little typing involved. Works great for DJ listings to!

  • Disc Compare- This is a great feature for shopping.  When you find a disc in our Master List that you are thinking about purchasing, Use this feature to 'compare' that disc to your current songbook, it will display ONLY the songs you are duplicating.  This can really help from getting to many versions of the same song when buying new CDs.

  • Lots of Printing Options- We currently have 25 different default print report styles including,,, by artist, by title, by disc, 1, 2 or 3 columns, Bi-level; Disc Glossary (shows only the discs in your library, not the tracks) ;  3 styles of Song Request Cards . Choose to print only certain categories like "Christmas", "Duets", "Spanish", etc... Plus you can put a custom Header and/or Footers on each page of your song book and choose your own custom font style, size, color.  Customize a print report then save it for future use.  Edit or remove the border lines. 

  • FREE Tech Support & Program Upgrades Always!- We provide free, friendly tech support to all our customers as well as free program upgrades.  Programming is a never-ending process for us, we add new features, new reports and other useful tidbits quite often and it's FREE.  And, it's easy to upgrade Music Book Deluxe using our patented "Flash Upgrader" which uses the internet do download any patches or print reports you may need, it's all AUTOMATED!

  • FREE 3 Month Update Subscription- When you purchase Music Book Deluxe, will you receive a username and password to access the newest karaoke listings available.  This account will remain open for 90 Days to let you try out our Automatic Internet Update service.  After your FREE trial you can purchase your choice of subscription options including... 1 Month, 1 Year, or Monthly recurring.  Pricing and other information is available on our webstore


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