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Manufacturers Key List

Disk Type & MFG Description Disk Key and Disk Number
A1 Smash Multi-Plex CD+G A1S001 - A1S003
All Beauty VCD ABV001 - ABV012
All Country Karaoke CD+G AC002 - AC006
All Hit Karaoke Maxx Pack CD+G AHM2000 - AHMVP10
All Hit Karaoke Maxx Pack Revised CD+G AHMX01 - AHMX26
All Hits 2000 CD+G AH2000 - AH2015
All Hits Karaoke CD+G AH1701 - AH9821
All Hits Variety Pack 2000 CD+G AHVP01 - AHVP10
All Star Karaoke Best Of Season ASB81001 - ASB82004
All Star Karaoke CD+G ASK1001 - ASK1566
All Star Karaoke Fun Pack CD+G ASF001V2A - ASF110B
All Star Karaoke Hybrid CD+G ASH0110A - ASH0831
American Gold CD+G AMG1001 - AMG1001
American Idol/Nashville Star Sound Choice CD+G SCN0062 - SCN0692
American Karaoke CD+G AK0001 - AK0004
AmeriSing * CD+G AMS1032 - AMS9001
A-Minor Music CD+G AMM001 - AMM001
Arbitor CD+G AR0001 - AR0035
Around the World Karaoke - Phillipino DVD APK7701 - APK7708
AU VI ART Latin VCD AVA1001 - AVA1025
Backstage * CD+G BS0100 - BS9917
Baseline CD+G BL01 - BL36
BCI Eclipse - Karaoke CD+G BCI04928 - BCI86729
Best Karaoke CD+G BK001V2A - BK033V4B
Best of Ace Zone VCD AZFD601 - AZFD602
Best of Decades Hits DVD BDHD01 - BDHD04
Best of Karaoke CD+G BOK1001 - BOK1003
Best of Romatic Duets DVD BRDD01 - BRDD01
Best of Soft Rock DVD BSRD01 - BSRD01
Best of Superstars DVD BSSD001 - BSSD023
Best of the 70s - 80s VCD BSTV70801 - BSTV70802
Best of the 80s VCD BSTV801 - BSTV804
Best of the 90s VCD BSTV901 - BSTV902
Best of the Best Karaoke VCD BSTV001 - BSTV020
Best Songs of Karaoke VCD GEKV501 - GEKV514
Big Apple Karaoke SCD+G BAK001 - BAK001
Big Country CD+G BCY001 - BCY014
Big Fish Christian Multi-Plex CD+G BF4101 - BF5305
Big Hitz CD+G BHZ0301 - BHZ0318
Big Machine Records BMTS0130 - BMTS0530
Billboard Karaoke CD+G BB19601 - BB19802
Bravo DVD BRD1001 - BRD3005
Bravo VCD BRV01 - BRV06
Bright Spark CD+G BRSP001 - BRSP006
Cantare Disc Set CD+G AVF001 - AVF093
Cavs 200 CAVS10100001 - CAVS10100200
Cavs Super Hits and Sampler SCD+G CVSG01 - CVSG04
Chart Hits Monthly Country Multi-Plex CD+G CHMC9804 - CHMC9809
Chart Hits Monthly Pop Multi-Plex CD+G CHMP9804 - CHMP9808
Chart Toppers CD+G CTG001 - CTG025
Chartbuster 50 Greatest Song Series CD+G CBG50011 - CBG51483
Chartbuster 50 Greatest Song Series Revised CD+G CBR50081 - CBR51233
Chartbuster 6+6 Country * CD+G CB6+20001 - CB6+20677
Chartbuster 6+6 Pop * CD+G CB6+40001 - CB6+40512
Chartbuster Artist Series CD+G CBA90001 - CBA90381
Chartbuster Country 500 Pack 8532 CD+G CB853201 - CB853230
Chartbuster Essential 450 #1 Discontinued CD+G CBESD101 - CBESD130
Chartbuster Essential 450 #1 Revised CD+G CBER101 - CBER130
Chartbuster Essential 450 #2 Discontinued CD+G CBESD201 - CBESD230
Chartbuster Essential 450 #2 Revised CD+G CBER201 - CBER230
Chartbuster Essential 450 #3 Discontinued CD+G CBESD301 - CBESD330
Chartbuster Essential 450 #3 Revised CD+G CBER301 - CBER330
Chartbuster Essential 450 #4 Discontinued CD+G CBESD401 - CBESD430
Chartbuster Essential 450 #4 Revised CD+G CBER401 - CBER430
Chartbuster Essential 450 #5 Discontinued CD+G CBESD501 - CBESD530
Chartbuster Essential 450 #5 Revised CD+G CBER501 - CBER530
Chartbuster Essential 450 #6 Discontinued CD+G CBESD601 - CBESD630
Chartbuster Essential 450 #6 Revised CD+G CBER601 - CBER630
Chartbuster Essential 450 #7 CD+G CBER701 - CBER730
Chartbuster Essential 450 #8 CD+G CBER801 - CBER830
Chartbuster Essential 450 #9 CD+G CBER901 - CBER930
Chartbuster Essential 450 10 CD+G CBET1001 - CBET1025
Chartbuster Essential 450 Discontinued #1-6 SCD+G CBSC01 - CBSC06
Chartbuster Essential 450 Revised #1-8 SCD+G CBSR01 - CBSR08
Chartbuster Essential Plus CD+G CBESP4511 - CBESP5096
Chartbuster Essential Plus Revised CD+G CBESR4641 - CBESR4936
Chartbuster Fleco Starter Pack CD+G CBFL01 - CBFL10
Chartbuster Gospel 4+4+4 CD+G CBG10001 - CBG10116
Chartbuster Hits of Year Pack 00 - 85000 CD+G CBM80017 - CBM80025
Chartbuster Hits of Year Pack 01 - 85008 CD+G CBB0101 - CBB0110
Chartbuster Hits of Year Pack 02 - 85009 CD+G CBH80159 - CBH80168
Chartbuster JVC Starter Pack CD+G CBDDB01 - CBDDB10
Chartbuster Karaoke Gold CD+G CBK13001 - CBK13056
Chartbuster Karaoke Idols CD+G CBI7124 - CBI7128
Chartbuster Karaoke Party Tunes CD+G CBKPT01 - CBKPT10
Chartbuster Professional Country CD+G CBP60001 - CBP60477
Chartbuster Professional Gospel CD+G CBP70001 - CBP70109
Chartbuster Professional Pop CD+G CBP30001 - CBP30181
Chartbuster Radio Hitz CD+G CBRH8547A - CBRH8556B
Chartbuster Revised CD+G CBR20294 - CBR90330
Chartbuster Sampler Pack 2003 CD+G CBDP01 - CBDP07
Chartbuster Specialty / Timeline Series CD+G CBS80001 - CBS80170
Chartbuster Super Star 85001 CD+G CBSS01005 - CBSS01058
Chartbuster Super Star 85002 CD+G CBSS02011 - CBSS02173
Chartbuster Super Star 85003 CD+G CBSS03011 - CBSS03131
Chartbuster Super Star 85004 CD+G CBSS04029 - CBSS04076
Chartbuster Super Star 85005 CD+G CBSS05034 - CBSS05091
Chartbuster Super Star 85006 CD+G CBSS06007 - CBSS06158
Chartbuster Super Star 85007 CD+G CBSS07001 - CBSS07008
City Entertainment World VCD CT9118 - CT9888
Coast 2 Coast Multi-Plex CD+G C2C01 - C2C2055
Coast To Coast VCD CTCV301 - CTCV304
Cool Tracks Fun Pack CD+G CTFP101 - CTFP104
Country Hit List CD+G CHL9711 - CHL9808
Country Hits Monthly Female Multi-Plex CD+G CHMF9705 - CHMF9705
Country Hits Monthly Male Multi-Plex CD+G CHMM9705 - CHMM9705
Country Hits Monthly Multi-Plex (1990) Series CD+G CHM9610 - CHM9908
Country Hits Monthly Multi-Plex (2000) Series CD+G CHM0001 - CHM0012
Country Hits Monthly Platinum Series CD+G CHMP01 - CHMP03
Country Hits Today Multi-Plex CD+G CHT9809 - CHT9914
Country Karaoke Classics CD+G CKC001 - CKC055
Country Starz CD+G CZ201 - CZ209
Craig Karaoke CD+G CRK505 - CRK510
Current Hits Karaoke Country CHC0808 - CHC0808
Current Hits Karaoke Pop CHP0808 - CHP0808
Dangerous CD+G DG01 - DG11
Dangerous Hot Hits Multi-Plex CD+G DGHH01 - DGHH11
Daywind Karaoke CD+G DW03785 - DW95202
DDE Video VCD DDEV101 - DDEV119
Demon Music Group CD+G DMG148A - DMG150E
Disney Karaoke Series CD+G DIS0097 - DIS9902
DK (001-099) Spanish (701) Gospel(801-802) CD+G DK001 - DK802
DK CMG (8 Song) CD+G DKC001 - DKC031
DK Karaoke LD DKL001A - DKL022B
DK Millenium CD+G DKM1101 - DKM3100
DK Millenium SCD+G DKS01 - DKS02
DK Premier CD+G DKP1101 - DKP1115
DKA Applause Series CD+G DKA3036 - DKA3100
DKE Encore Series CD+G DKE2001 - DKE2035
Doctor Music 4000 Series CD+G DM4021 - DM4021
Doctor Music CD+G DM101 - DM104
Druid Performance Tracks CD+G PT2001 - PT2015
Easy Karaoke Artist Series CD+G EZA001 - EZA012
Easy Karaoke Classics CD+G EZCL001 - EZCL006
Easy Karaoke Extreme Pack CD+G EZEX01 - EZEX07
Easy Karaoke Hits Series CD+G EZH001 - EZH089
Easy Karaoke Pop Series CD+G EZPS001 - EZPS030
Essential Karaoke ABBA CD+G EKAB01 - EKAB02
Essential Karaoke Blues Brothers CD+G EKBB01 - EKBB01
Essential Karaoke Export CD+G EKX01 - EKX38
Essential Karaoke Free Issue CD+G EKFK01 - EKFK17
Essential Karaoke Starter Pack CD+G EZST01 - EZST06
Essential Karaoke Teen Pack CD+G EZTP01 - EZTP10
Essential Karaoke Top 10 Series CD+G EKTT001 - EKTT040
Essential Karaoke UK CD+G EKU001 - EKU054
Everlasting Love Songs VCD VLS01 - VLS06
Explosive Hits Karaoke VCD EHV001 - EHV006
Fasttrax Artist Series CD+G FTA1013 - FTA1021
Fasttrax CD+G FTX001 - FTX014
Fasttrax Country CD+G FTC400 - FTC415
Fat Cockeral CD+G FCG01 - FCG04
Fat Cockeral LD FCL01 - FCL04
FD Superstar VCD FDV001 - FDV028
FM Christmas CD+G FM5001 - FM5005
Forever Hits CD+G FH1801 - FH9089
Forever Hits DVD FHD4101 - FHD9078
Gamesman Karaoke CD+G GMK1000 - GMK1002
Golden Karaoke Favorites CD+G GKF001 - GKF015
Golden Love Songs DVD GLDV01A - GLDV08A
Grammy Award Winners VCD GAWV201 - GAWV208
Greatest Artists Karaoke DVD GAKD001 - GAKD015
Greatest Hits Laser LD LWN01A - LWN07B
Guitaroke Audio Stream CD+G ASKG501 - ASKG505
Gull Audio Visual Karaoke CD+G GUG301 - GUG320
Hawaiian Karaoke Moonsurfer CD+G HA01A - HA09B
Hawaiian Tropic Karaoke LD HTK001 - HTK001
Helluvadisc CD+G HD001 - HD011
High and Higher Karaoke DVD HHD801 - HHD803
HipTracks CD+G HTG1001 - HTG2013
Hits of the Decades VCD GEKA1001 - GEKA1020
Holy Sound Productions VCD GUH301 - GUH310
Honky Cat CD+G HCK001 - HCK005
Hot Line CD+G HL01 - HL07
Hot Music VCD HMV001 - HMV008
Hot Stuff Karaoke Pack # 1 CD+G HSK101 - HSK112
Hot Stuff Karaoke Pack # 2 CD+G HSK201 - HSK212
Hot Stuff Karaoke Pack # 3 CD+G HSK301 - HSK312
Hot Stuff Karaoke SCD+G HSS01 - HSS03
Hot Stuff Pro-Country CD+G HSC001 - HSC006
Hot Stuff Pro-Pop CD+G HSP001 - HSP005
House Party Karaoke (Madacy) CD+G HPK112 - HPK129
Idolmakers CD+G IMG001 - IMG027
IKTV U-BEST Childrens Series VCD IKC001 - IKC004
IKTV U-BEST Christmas Series VCD IKX001 - IKX002
IKTV U-BEST Latin Series VCD IKL001 - IKL016
IKTV U-BEST Pro Series VCD IKU001 - IKU066
Just Tracks * CD+G JTG001 - JTG199
Just Tracks 300 Series CD+G JTG301 - JTG399
Just Tracks 400 Series CD+G JTG400 - JTG402
Just Tracks 80s Female Pop/Rock 4 Disc Set CD+G JTG203A - JTG203D
Just Tracks Barbra Streisand 2 Disc Set CD+G JTG207A - JTG207B
Just Tracks Beatles 4 Disc Set CD+G JTG200A - JTG200D
Just Tracks Billy Joel 2 Disc Set CD+G JTG206A - JTG206B
Just Tracks Elton John 2 Disc Set CD+G JTG205A - JTG205B
Just Tracks Elvis 6 Disc Set CD+G JTG201A - JTG201F
Just Tracks Essential Wedding 2 Disc Set CD+G JTG208A - JTG208B
Just Tracks Neil Diamond 3 Disc Set CD+G JTG202A - JTG202C
Just Tracks Revised CD+G JTGR032 - JTGR374
JVC CD+G JC0001 - JC0073
JVC Hot Hits CD+G JCHH1001 - JCHH1007
JVC Original CD+G JCC01 - JCC45
Kantatu PortuguÍs CD+G KTT001 - KTT008
Kantatu PortuguÍs DVD KTD1001 - KTD1016
Kantatu PortuguÍs Latin Series CD+G KTL501 - KTL512
Kantatu PortuguÍs Pro CD+G KTT101 - KTT146
Karaokanta Cantale (1400) CD+G KKC1401 - KKC1435
Karaokanta Cantale A Mexico (1600) CD+G KKM1601 - KKM1778
Karaokanta Jade (4000) CD+G KKJ4001 - KKJ4579
Karaokanta Serie 15 Exitos (1500) CD+G KKS1501 - KKS1515
Karaoke Bay 16 Track CD+G KB1621692 - KB1635492
Karaoke Bay 4 Track CD+G KB427582 - KB430832
Karaoke Bay 8 Track CD+G KB827432 - KB830922
Karaoke Box (Spanish) CD+G KBX001 - KBX354
Karaoke Box English CD+G KBE16 - KBE16
Karaoke Box Mix CD+G KBM01 - KBM30
Karaoke Classics CD+G KC001 - KC009
Karaoke Direct CD+G KDK17332 - KDK24872
Karaoke Hits CD+G KH01 - KH27
Karaoke Kings CD+G KK009 - KK011
Karaoke Kurrents Best of CD+G KKB0902 - KKB1004
Karaoke Kurrents CD+G KKT0101 - KKT0506
Karaoke Latino CD+G KL0790 - KL0794
Karaoke Party Madacy Entertainment Group CD+G MKP2769 - MKP9418
Karaoke Party Pack #1 CD+G KPP101 - KPP112
Karaoke Party Pack #2 CD+G KPP201 - KPP212
Karaoke Party Pack #3 CD+G KPP301 - KPP312
Karaoke Station CD+G KSA002 - KSA134
Karaokemaker (Canada) CD+G KAR001 - KAR009
Keynote Greatest Hits - Best of CD+G KEYN1521 - KEYN1599
Keynote Hybrid Multi-Plex CD+G KEH0801 - KEH1006
Keynote Party Pack CD+G KEY011 - KEY522
Killer Karaoke CD+G KK5001 - KK7008
KJ Bill KJB1D1501 - KJB5D1511
KJ Tools CD+G KJT01 - KJT12
K-Tel Karaoke CD+G KTL6001 - KTL6040
Latin Fever CD+G LFG001 - LFG016
Legends Broadway CD+G LEGB1001 - LEGB1010
Legends Disco Pack CD+G LEGD01 - LEGD05
Legends In Concert Series CD+G LEGC100 - LEGC106
Legends Series * CD+G LEG001 - LEG247
Legends Series Reggae CD+G LSR001 - LSR003
Legends Series Re-Release CD+G LEGR016 - LEGR190
Legends Teen Pack CD+G LEGTP01 - LEGTP06
Legends Ultimate Party CD+G LEGU001 - LEGU020
Love Songs Karaoke VCD LSTV01 - LSTV09
Madacy Entertainment Group Disc Packs CD+G MKD507631 - MKD575602V2
Magic Tracks Plus SCD+G MTP01 - MTP01
Magic Tracks SCD+G MTS01 - MTS01
Majic Trax CD+G MTG003 - MTG003
Mastermix Classic Karaoke CD+G CK01 - CK61
Mastertrax CD+G MTX04 - MTX04
Mega CD+G MDG01 - MDG65
Mega Disc Broadway LD MDL999 - MDL999
Mega Disc Global Movie Award Winners LD MDL901 - MDL902
Mega Disc Global Movie Award Winners VCD GMV905 - GMV913
Mega Disc Karaoke DVD MDK8801 - MDK8822
Mega Disc LD MDL01 - MDL17
Mega Disc VCD MDV001 - MDV044
Mega Hits CD+G MH001 - MH004
Mega Star Karaoke VCD MSV053 - MSV056
Mega Star Mix VCD MSMV01 - MSMV04
Mega Super Star Karaoke VCD MSSV001 - MSSV020
Megavox CD+G MV2002 - MV2004
Memorex Classic Hits Pack CD+G MKSCR11 - MKSCR13
Memorex Favorite Pop Hits Pack CD+G MKSPH11 - MKSPH13
Memorex Karaoke CD+G MXK0001 - MXK9100
Memorex Ultimate Party Hits Pack CD+G MKSPE11 - MKSPE13
Memory Karaoke DVD MKDV811 - MKDV814
Millenium Love Songs VCD GEKV301 - GEKV310
Millenium Mega Hitz Zebra Pak (Multi-Plex) CD+G MMHZ001 - MMHZ005
Monster Hits 10 Pack 1 CD+G MONPK01 - MONPK10
Monster Hits 10 Pack 2 CD+G MONP201 - MONP210
Monster Hits CD+G MON1001 - MON1159
Mr. Entertainer CD+G MRE001 - MRE067
Mr. Entertainer Hits Series CD+G MRH001 - MRH160
Mr. Entertainer Pop CD+G MRP01 - MRP06
Mr. Entertainer Seasons CD+G MCH18AU1 - MCH19SP2
MTV Abba VCD ABBA001 - ABBA002
MTV Carpenters VCD CARP001 - CARP002
Multi-Music 875 Pack Arriba El Mariachi CD+G OKP8751 - OKP8755
Multi-Music 876 Pack Latin Pop CD+G OKP8761 - OKP8765
Multi-Music English CD+G OKG500 - OKG501
Multi-Music Latin 8 Song CD+G OKE801 - OKE875
Multi-Music Latin CD+G OKE001 - OKE399
Music Award Karaoke VCD MAV301 - MAV304
Music Maestro 6000 Series CD+G MM6000 - MM6432
Music Maestro 6000 Series Re-Release CD+G MMR6000 - MMR6366
Music Maestro Broadway Hits CD+G MMBH01 - MMBH05
Music Maestro CAVS Sampler SCD+G MMCS01 - MMCS01
Music Maestro Classic Hits Club Pack CD+G MMCH01 - MMCH05
Music Maestro Club Pack 2000 CD+G MMCP2K01 - MMCP2K11
Music Maestro Club Pack 2002 CD+G MMCP2201 - MMCP2213
Music Maestro Club Pack 2002 SCD+G MMCPSG02 - MMCPSG02
Music Maestro Club Pack 2004 CD+G MMCP2401 - MMCP2414
Music Maestro Club Pack 98 CD+G MMCP01 - MMCP10
Music Maestro Club Pack 98 Re-Release CD+G MMCPR01 - MMCPR10
Music Maestro Country Club Pack #1 CD+G MMC1P01 - MMC1P05
Music Maestro Country Club Pack #2 CD+G MMC2P01 - MMC2P05
Music Maestro Country Club Pack #3 CD+G MMC3P01 - MMC3P05
Music Maestro Country Club Pack #4 CD+G MMC4P01 - MMC4P05
Music Maestro Doo Wop Pack CD+G MMDW101 - MMDW105
Music Maestro Home Pack Female Country CD+G MMHFC01 - MMHFC10
Music Maestro Home Pack Female Pop CD+G MMHFP01 - MMHFP10
Music Maestro Home Pack Male Country CD+G MMHMC01 - MMHMC10
Music Maestro Home Pack Male Pop CD+G MMHMP01 - MMHMP10
Music Maestro Hot Country Hits CD+G MMHC01 - MMHC10
Music Maestro Hot Young Hits CD+G MMYH01 - MMYH10
Music Maestro Millenium Gold CD+G ALL PACKS - ALL PACKS
Music Maestro Millenium Gold SCD+G MMGP01 - MMGP01
Music Maestro Multi-Plex CD+G MMX101 - MMX704
Music Maestro NEO+G MMN01 - MMN03
Music Maestro Oldies Pack # 1 CD+G MMOP01 - MMOP05
Music Maestro Oldies Pack # 2 CD+G MMO201 - MMO205
Music Maestro Rock and Roll CD+G MMRR01 - MMRR05
Music Maestro Rythym and Blues #1 CD+G MMRB001 - MMRB005
Music Maestro Rythym and Blues #2 CD+G MMRB201 - MMRB205
Music Maestro Simply Sinatra Pack CD+G MMFP01 - MMFP05
Music Maestro Standards Club Pack 1 CD+G MMSCP01 - MMSCP05
Music Maestro Standards Club Pack 2 CD+G MMSCP201 - MMSCP205
Music Maestro Top Hits Club Pack 1 CD+G MMTHCP01 - MMTHCP05
Music Maestro Top Hits Club Pack 2 CD+G MMTHP201 - MMTHP205
Music Maestro Top Hits Club Pack 3 CD+G MMTHP301 - MMTHP305
Music Maestro Top Hits Club Pack 4 CD+G MMTHP401 - MMTHP405
Music Maestro Velvet Elvis Pack 1 CD+G MMVE101 - MMVE120
Music Maestro Velvet Elvis Pack 2 & 3 CD+G MMVE201 - MMVE232
Music Maestro Velvet Elvis Upgrade CD+G MMVEU01 - MMVEU07
Nashville Sounds CD+G NS01 - NS36
National Singing Championship 1999 CD+G NSC9901 - NSC9908
National Singing Championship 2000 CD+G NSC2K01 - NSC2K10
NEO+G (See FAQs on Web Site) NEONA - NEONA
New Love Songs DVD NLSD001 - NLSD010
Nikkodo CD+G NCG01 - NCG02
Nikkodo Laser Disc LD NKL001A - NKL021B
Nikkodo SAV Laser Disc LD LS7000A - LS7007B
North Star Country CD+G NMC3001 - NMC3097
North Star Pop CD+G NMP2001 - NMP2099
Nu Tech CD+G NT001 - NT063
Nu Tech DVD NTD01 - NTD02
Nu Tech Elvis SCD+G NUE01 - NUE01
Nu Tech SCD+G NTSU01 - NTSU03
Nu Tech VCD NTV001 - NTV063
Original Footage Karaoke Abba CD+G OFAB01 - OFAB02
Original Footage Karaoke Bee Gees CD+G OFBG01 - OFBG02
Original Footage Karaoke Carpenters CD+G OFCA01 - OFCA02
Original Footage Karaoke VCD OFV001 - OFV012
Panorama Records 70s Series CD+G THM7001 - THM7004
Panorama Records Band on a Disc THMBD01 - THMBD01
Panorama Records Barbra Streisand CD+G THMGBS01 - THMGBS02
Panorama Records Beautiful Music Multi-Plex CD+G THMBM01 - THMBM01
Panorama Records Beautiful Music Multi-Plex VCD THVB01 - THVB01
Panorama Records Being Free CD+G THMBF01 - THMBF01
Panorama Records Best of Country CD+G THMBC001 - THMBC008
Panorama Records Best of Country VCD THVBC001 - THVBC005
Panorama Records Best of Pop CD+G THMBP001 - THMBP008
Panorama Records Best of Pop VCD THVBP001 - THVBP005
Panorama Records Best of Rock CD+G THMBR001 - THMBR005
Panorama Records Broadway CD+G THMBW01 - THMBW02
Panorama Records Christian CD+G THMS0212 - THMS0304
Panorama Records Christmas CD+G THMX01 - THMX05
Panorama Records Classic Duets CD+G THMCD01 - THMCD02
Panorama Records Classic Wedding CD+G THMCW01 - THMCW02
Panorama Records Country (1990) Series CD+G THMC9809 - THMC9912
Panorama Records Country (2000) Series CD+G THMC0001 - THMC0806
Panorama Records Country VCD THVC2003 - THVC2010
Panorama Records Dance Favorites CD+G THMDF01 - THMDF01
Panorama Records Decade Hits of the 80s CD+G THM8001 - THM8002
Panorama Records Dinner Hrs. for DJs CD+G THMD1001 - THMD1003
Panorama Records Eddie Arnold CD+G THMGEA01 - THMGEA01
Panorama Records Elvis CD+G THME01 - THME06
Panorama Records Flashbacks CD+G THMFB01 - THMFB15
Panorama Records Frank Sinatra CD+G THMGFS01 - THMGFS04
Panorama Records Gospel CD+G THMGS01 - THMGS01
Panorama Records Hip Hop / Rap CD+G THMH0203 - THMH0612
Panorama Records Hot Picks CD+G THMT0610 - THMT0806
Panorama Records Irish CD+G THMI001 - THMI001
Panorama Records Kids CD+G THMK01 - THMK02
Panorama Records Linda Ronstadt CD+G THMGLR01 - THMGLR01
Panorama Records MP3+G THMM0204 - THMM0806
Panorama Records Platinum CD+G THMPL01 - THMPL39
Panorama Records Platinum Plus Multi-Plex CD+G THMPP01 - THMPP14
Panorama Records Platinum Pop CD+G THPLP01 - THPLP01
Panorama Records Platinum VCD THVPL01 - THVPL01
Panorama Records Pop (1990) Series CD+G THMP9510 - THMP9912
Panorama Records Pop (2000) Series CD+G THMP0001 - THMP0806
Panorama Records Pop Rythym and Blues CD+G THMRB01 - THMRB01
Panorama Records Pop VCD THVP2003 - THVP2010
Panorama Records Pro Series Country CD+G THMCSF01 - THMCSM02
Panorama Records Pro Series Pop CD+G THMPSF01 - THMPSM02
Panorama Records Remakes CD+G THMRM01 - THMRM15
Panorama Records Rock CD+G THMR0008 - THMR0610
Panorama Records Super Country Hits SCD+G THSC1 - THSC1
Panorama Records Super SCD+G THMSG03 - THMSG06
Panorama Records Updates CD+G THMU9910 - THMU9910
Panorama Records Willie Nelson CD+G THMGWN01 - THMGWN01
Party Tyme / SyberSound CD+G SYB1001 - SYB1994
Party Tyme / SyberSound 16 Track DVD SYB2001 - SYB2010
Party Tyme / SyberSound 8+8 DVD SYB2601 - SYB2613
Party Tyme / SyberSound Discontinued SYBD1010 - SYBD1812
Party Tyme / SyberSound Party Packs CD+G SYB44011 - SYB44034
Party Tyme / SyberSound Revised CD+G SYBR1012 - SYBR1082
Passion House CD+G PSH001 - PSH001
Passion House Irish CD+G PHIR1 - PHIR1
Performance Tracks CD+G PT2001 - PT2015
Performers Choice CD+G PC7701 - PC7765
Pioneer CD+G PC001 - PC057
Pioneer 20 Track LD LKC001A - LKC505B
Pioneer 20 Track ReRelease LD LKCR001A - LKCR501B
Pioneer Christmas Special Nursery LD PKL251A - PKL251B
Pioneer Classic Rock DVD PDCR501 - PDCR508
Pioneer Country CD+G PC201 - PC220
Pioneer Country DVD PDCO201 - PDCO206
Pioneer Country Series Laser Disk LD PKL201A - PKL211B
Pioneer DVD PDV01 - PDV16
Pioneer Karaoke Favorites DVD PDKF001 - PDKF003
Pioneer Karaoke Laser 300 Series LD PKL301A - PKL310B
Pioneer Karaoke Laser Disk Gospel LD PKL0GPA - PKL0GPB
Pioneer Karaoke Laser Disk LD PKL001A - PKL057B
Pioneer Karaoke Laser Spanish LD PKLS501 - PKLS536
Pioneer Karaoke Library (25 songs) DVD PDKL001 - PDKL018
Pioneer Karaoke Library Country (25 songs) DVD PDKL201 - PDKL204
Pioneer Karaoke Party Pack DVD PPPD001A - PPPD002B
Pioneer Laser PAK LD PAK001 - PAK005
Pioneer Laser WK Country LD WKCO003 - WKCO026
Pioneer Laser WK Pop/Rock LD WK5002 - WK8043
Pioneer Laser WK Standards LD WKST001 - WKST013
Pioneer PDK Babyface DVD PDKBF01 - PDKBF01
Pioneer PDK Brooks And Dunn DVD PDKBD01 - PDKBD01
Pioneer PDK Christmas DVD PDKCH01 - PDKCH01
Pioneer PDK Duets DVD PDKDU01 - PDKDU01
Pioneer PDK Frank Sintatra DVD PDKSI01 - PDKSI01
Pioneer PDK Gospel DVD PDKGP01 - PDKGP01
Pioneer PDK Neil Diamond DVD PDKND01 - PDKND01
Pioneer PDK Nursery DVD PDKNU01 - PDKNU01
Pioneer PDK The Beatles DVD PDKBE01 - PDKBE01
Pioneer PDK Tony Braxton DVD PDKTB01 - PDKTB01
Pioneer PUK Series CD+G PUK321 - PUK330
Pioneer Re-Release CD+G PCR001 - PCR306
Pioneer Rock n Roll Oldies DVD PDRO601 - PDRO605
Pioneer Rock Pop DVD PDRP401 - PDRP412
Pioneer Rythym and Blues DVD PDRB101 - PDRB107
Pioneer Standard CD+G PC301 - PC308
Pioneer Standards DVD PDST001 - PDST303
Playboy DVD PDVD903 - PDVD908
Playboy VCD PBV5001 - PBV5006
Pocket Songs * CD+G PSG0101 - PSG1655
Pocket Songs 3000 Series Mulit-Plex CD+G PSG3001 - PSG3009
Pocket Songs 6000 Series Multi-Plex CD+G PSG6001 - PSG6199
Pocket Songs 7000 Series Multi-Plex CD+G PSG7003 - PSG7003
Pocket Songs Boyzone 3 Disk Set CD+G PSG2002A - PSG2002C
Pocket Songs Broadway 2 Disk CD+G PSG110A - PSG110B
Pocket Songs Broadway 4 Disk Set CD+G PSG2003A - PSG2003D
Pocket Songs Caberet Series 4 Disk CD+G PSG2001A - PSG2001D
Pocket Songs Childrens CD+G PSG4001 - PSG4012
Pocket Songs DVD PSD7001 - PSD7003
Pocket Songs Frank Sinatra 4 Disk 1st Set CD+G PSG2000A - PSG2000D
Pocket Songs Frank Sinatra 4 Disk 2nd Set CD+G PSG2004A - PSG2004D
Pocket Songs Hello Dolly 2 Disk CD+G PSG1187A - PSG1187B
Pocket Songs Oliver 2 Disk CD+G PSG1189A - PSG1189B
Pocket Songs Opra Multi-Plex CD+G PSG4052 - PSG4071
Pocket Songs Songs For Children CD+G PSSC1701 - PSSC1710
Polka Karaoke CD+G POLK001 - POLK001
Pop Hits Classics Duets CD+G PHCDT01 - PHCDT01
Pop Hits Monthly Adult Contemporary PHMA0510 - PHMA0702
Pop Hits Monthly Best of Pop CD+G PHMBP2004 - PHMBP2004
Pop Hits Monthly Best of Rock CD+G PHMBR2004 - PHMBR2004
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Divas CD+G PHCDV01 - PHCDV01
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Female Alternative CD+G PHCFAL01 - PHCFAL01
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Female Pop CD+G PHCFP01 - PHCFP01
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Female Rock CD+G PHCFRK01 - PHCFRK01
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Female Rythym/Blues CD+G PHCFRB01 - PHCFRB01
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Male Adult Contemp CD+G PHCMAC01 - PHCMAC02
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Male Pop CD+G PHCMMP01 - PHCMMP01
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Male Rock CD+G PHCMRK01 - PHCMRK02
Pop Hits Monthly Classics Male Rythym/Blues CD+G PHCMRB01 - PHCMRB01
Pop Hits Monthly Country/Nashville Series CD+G PHMN0101 - PHMN1405
Pop Hits Monthly Demo Multi-Plex CD+G PHMD01 - PHMD02
Pop Hits Monthly Greatest Hits CD+G PHGH9601 - PHGH9806
Pop Hits Monthly Millennium Collection CD+G PHMMC0 - PHMMU03
Pop Hits Monthly Pop (1990) Series CD+G PHM9510 - PHM9912
Pop Hits Monthly Pop (2000) Series CD+G PHMP0001 - PHMP1405
Pop Hits Monthly Retro CD+G PHME8201 - PHME9901
Pop Hits Monthly Rock CD+G PHMR0107 - PHMR0509
Pop Hits Monthly Urban CD+G PHMU0209 - PHMU1405
Pop Hits Monthly Yearly MP3+G PHMY2008 - PHMY2010
Pop Hits Today CD+G PHT9808 - PHT9915
Pop Idol CD+G PIC01 - PIC15
Pop Singles Monthly Multi-Plex CD+G PSM2009 - PSM2010
Power Music DVD DVPMD001 - DVPMD008
Power Music VCD PMV001 - PMV014
Power Star DVD DVPWD001 - DVPWD005
Priddis / Starter Pack #1 (12 Disc) CD+G PRS0101 - PRS0112
Priddis / Starter Pack #2 (18 Disc) CD+G PRS0201 - PRS0218
Priddis / Starter Pack #3 (24 Disc) CD+G PRS0301 - PRS0324
Priddis / Starter Pack #4 (12 Disc) CD+G PRS0401 - PRS0412
Priddis Combo Series CD+G PCS1700 - PCS1720
Priddis Competition Series CD+G PPP9701 - PPP9710
Priddis Entertainer Series CD+G PES9001 - PES9118
Priddis Faith Series CD+G PFS3001 - PFS3039
Priddis Long Play Discontinued CD+G PLP101 - PLP133
Priddis Lost Classics CD+G PLC01 - PLC11
Priddis Most Requested Pack 22835 CD+G PRM83501 - PRM83510
Priddis Pro Sound * CD+G PPS0036 - PPS7140
Priddis Series DVD PRDV8001 - PRDV8511
Priddis Singers Pack Alto CD+G PPP990701 - PPP990710
Priddis Singers Pack Baritone CD+G PPP990901 - PPP990910
Priddis Singers Pack Tenor CD+G PPP990801 - PPP990810
Priddis Singles CD+G PRI0012 - PRI0034
Priddis Various Discontinued CD+G PPD1026 - PPD9104
Priddis Video VCD PRV101 - PRV101
Priddis Vocal Coach Female CD+G PPP991001 - PPP991010
Priddis Vocal Coach Male CD+G PPP991101 - PPP991110
Pro Hits CD+G PH01 - PH14
Pro Trax CD+G PX01 - PX14
Proscenium CD+G PRO002 - PRO002
Quick Hitz Artist Series CD+G QHA1000 - QHA1012
Quick Hitz CD+G QH001 - QH337
Quick Hitz Christmas Series CD+G QHX001 - QHX001
Quick Hitz Country CD+G QHC400 - QHC403
Quick Hitz Duets CD+G QHD001 - QHD001
Quick Hitz Revised CD+G QHR001 - QHR001
Radio Starz CD+G RZ601 - RZ629
Rare Cuts CD+G RCK6901 - RCK6907
RCA Multi-Plex CD+G RCA500 - RCA544
Rebels Sync CD+G RSX001 - RSX002
Retro Classics CD+G RCL0011 - RCL0015
Rising Star CD+G RS501 - RS503
Rocktunes Karaoke CD+G RT01 - RT49
Rocktunes Metal Series Karaoke CD+G RTM07 - RTM09B
Romantic Duets VCD RDUV01 - RDUV04
Romantic Love Songs VCD RLV001 - RLV004
Romantic Memories DVD RMD001 - RMD002
Romantic Memories VCD RMV001 - RMV004
Romantic Songs VCD RSV01 - RSV10
Rythym and Blues CD+G RB0001 - RB0025
SAV (A) Series Nikkodo CD+G SAVA01 - SAVA19
SAV (C) Series Nikkodo CD+G SAVC01 - SAVC05
SAV (G) Series Nikkodo CD+G SAVG1 - SAVG1
SAV (P) Series Nikkodo CD+G SAVP01 - SAVP41
SAV (P) Series Re-Releases CD+G SAVPR14 - SAVPR25
SAV 7000 Series Nikkodo CD+G SAV7001 - SAV7020
SAV 8000 Series Nikkodo CD+G SAV8001 - SAV8003
Screen Tracks CD+G ST0101 - ST0140
Show Stopper CD+G ZSG01 - ZSG04
Sing It Now Karaoke Country CD+G SINC0310 - SINC0402
Sing It Now Karaoke Fall CD+G SIFA04C - SIFA04U
Sing It Now Karaoke Gal Pal CD+G SINGP1 - SINGP1
Sing It Now Karaoke Keith Urban CD+G SINKU1 - SINKU1
Sing It Now Karaoke Kenny Chesney CD+G SINKC1 - SINKC1
Sing It Now Karaoke Pop CD+G SINP0310 - SINP0402
Sing It Now Karaoke Rascal Flatts CD+G SINRF1 - SINRF1
Sing It Now Karaoke Rock CD+G SINR0310 - SINR0402
Sing It Now Karaoke Spring CD+G SISP04C - SISP05U
Sing It Now Karaoke Summer CD+G SISU04C - SISU06U
Sing It Now Karaoke Toby Keith CD+G SINTK1 - SINTK1
Sing It Now Karaoke Urban CD+G SINU0310 - SINU0402
Sing It Now Karaoke Winter CD+G SIWI04P - SIWI08U
Sing King Karaoke CD+G SKK001 - SKK011
Singers Dream Karaoke CD+G SDK9000 - SDK9075
Singers Dream Karaoke DVD SDD9517 - SDD9517
Singers Solution Artist Series CD+G SSA1022 - SSA1989
Singers Solution Country CD+G SSC416 - SSC455
Singers Solution Pop CD+G SSN015 - SSN053
Singing Machine CD+G SM0858 - SM9924
Singing Machine Revised CD+G SMR3604 - SMR8604
Single Artist Karaoke CD+G SAK001 - SAK004
Solid Gold Video VCD SGV01 - SGV02
Song Factory CD+G SFCT01 - SFCT39
Sound Choice - Voco Pro CD+G SCVP8045 - SCVP8054
Sound Choice B Flat the Cat CD+G SCBF7001 - SCBF7010
Sound Choice Brick (1-5) Revised CD+G SCRB17531 - SCRB57570
Sound Choice Brick 1 CD+G SCB17531 - SCB17538
Sound Choice Brick 2 CD+G SCB27539 - SCB27546
Sound Choice Brick 3 CD+G SCB37547 - SCB37554
Sound Choice Brick 4 CD+G SCB47555 - SCB47562
Sound Choice Brick 5 CD+G SCB57563 - SCB57570
Sound Choice Brick Revised 1-5 CD+G SCBR17531 - SCBR57570
Sound Choice Brickette 5 Country CD+G SCBC501 - SCBC504
Sound Choice Brickette 5 Rock CD+G SCBR501 - SCBR504
Sound Choice Country Hits Pack 1 CD+G SCCH8059 - SCCH8064
Sound Choice Country Hits Pack 2 CD+G SCC21007 - SCC21012
Sound Choice Demo Disc CD+G SCDM8100 - SCDM8100
Sound Choice DVD SCDV6001 - SCDV6022
Sound Choice Foundation 1 CD+G SCF17501 - SCF17530
Sound Choice Foundation 1 Revised CD+G SCRF17501 - SCRF17530
Sound Choice Foundation 2 CD+G SCF27571 - SCF27600
Sound Choice Foundation 2 Holidays Utility CD+G SCHU8086 - SCHU8086
Sound Choice Foundation 2 Revised CD+G SCRF27571 - SCRF27600
Sound Choice Gem Series Diamond MP3 SCMD001 - SCMD100
Sound Choice Gem Series Emerald MP3 SCME101 - SCME140
Sound Choice Gem Series Sapphire MP3 SCMS181 - SCMS240
Sound Choice Hall of Fame 50s and 60s Pk. CD+G SC561001 - SC561006
Sound Choice Hall of Fame 60s Pk. SC601031 - SC601036
Sound Choice Hall of Fame 70s and 80s Pk. CD+G SC781019 - SC781024
Sound Choice Hall of Fame Headbangers Pk. CD+G SCHB1025 - SCHB1030
Sound Choice Hall of Fame Rythym and Blues CD+G SCHRB1013 - SCHRB1018
Sound Choice Holiday Pack CD+G SCH8077 - SCH8084
Sound Choice Latin Star Series CD+G SCL1501 - SCL1580
Sound Choice Love Songs Pack CD+G SCLV101 - SCLV106
Sound Choice Milestone CD+G MILE001 - MILE001
Sound Choice Party Hits Pack CD+G SCPH8071 - SCPH8076
Sound Choice Party Pack 1 CD+G SCPP17201 - SCPP17212
Sound Choice Party Pack 2 CD+G SCPP27213 - SCPP27224
Sound Choice Party Songs 6 Pack Multi-Plex CD+G SCPS01 - SCPS06
Sound Choice Party Starter Kit CD+G SCPS0538 - SCPS0543
Sound Choice Performers Choice CD+G SCPC7701 - SCPC7783
Sound Choice Pop/Rock Hits Pack CD+G SCPR18065 - SCPR18070
Sound Choice Power Picks Series CD+G SCPW3001 - SCPW3503
Sound Choice Reminiscing Gold CD+G SCRG1301 - SCRG1307
Sound Choice Reminiscing Series CD+G SCRS7021 - SCRS7037
Sound Choice Sampler Pak CD+G SC901 - SC909
Sound Choice Singing Championship 2K CD+G SCNS8024 - SCNS8033
Sound Choice Spanish CD+G SCSL7101 - SCSL7112
Sound Choice Spotlight Series CD+G SCSP8100 - SCSP9024
Sound Choice Spotlight Series Select CD+G SCSS9501 - SCSS9510
Sound Choice Star Series CD+G SCST1701 - SCST2518
Sound Choice Teen Pack 1 CD+G SCT18034 - SCT18039
Sound Choice Teen Pack 2 CD+G SCT28045 - SCT28050
Sound Choice Teen Pack 3 CD+G SCT38087 - SCT38092
Sound Choice Teen Party Pack 1 CD+G SCTP101 - SCTP103
Sound Choice Teen Party Pack 2 CD+G SCTP201 - SCTP203
Sound Choice Various Re-Releases CD+G SCR2063 - SCR9510
Sound Images CD+G N101 - N108
Stage Stars CD+G STS0501 - STS7002
Standing Ovation CD+G SO200 - SO209
Star Disc Children Series CD+G SDC101 - SDC306
Star Disc Country CD+G SD001 - SD166
Star Disc Pop Series CD+G SDP4001 - SDP4805
Star Quest CD+G SQG001 - SQG008
Star Tracks Artist Series VCD STVK1601 - STVK1610
Star Tracks CD+G ST2601 - ST2606
Star Tracks VCD STV6001 - STV6002
Starmaker CD+G SMKR001 - SMKR011
Sunfly Candol Opera CD+G SFCP504 - SFCP505
Sunfly CD+G SF001 - SF396
Sunfly Chart Hits DVD SFCH001 - SFCH008
Sunfly Christmas CD+G SFXM01 - SFXM01
Sunfly Christmas DVD SFXM001 - SFXM001
Sunfly Club Cuts CD+G SFCC01 - SFCC01
Sunfly Commitments CD+G SFCOM01 - SFCOM01
Sunfly Crooners CD+G SFSS01 - SFSS06
Sunfly Disco DVD SFDDS01 - SFDDS01
Sunfly Down Under CD+G SFDU001 - SFDU014
Sunfly DVD SFD01 - SFD12
Sunfly DVD Varieties DVD SFDV001 - SFDV001
Sunfly Gold Series CD+G SFG001 - SFG063
Sunfly Hits of 97 CD+G SFH01 - SFH06
Sunfly Hits of Abba CD+G SFA01 - SFA02
Sunfly Hits of Boyzone CD+G SFBZ01 - SFBZ01
Sunfly Hits of Meat Loaf CD+G SFML01 - SFML01
Sunfly Hits of The Corrs CD+G SFCOR01 - SFCOR01
Sunfly Hits of Westlife CD+G SFWL01 - SFWL01
Sunfly Hits Tom Jones CD+G SFTJ01 - SFTJ01
Sunfly Hot Hits 1 CD+G SFHH101 - SFHH109
Sunfly Hot Hits 2 CD+G SFHH201 - SFHH209
Sunfly Hot Trax CD+G SFHT01 - SFHT11
Sunfly In Demand CD+G SFID001 - SFID012
Sunfly Irish CD+G SFIR01 - SFIR01
Sunfly Karaoke Party DVD SFKP001 - SFKP002
Sunfly Kids Movies DVD SFKC001 - SFKC001
Sunfly Kool Karaoke CD+G SFKK001 - SFKK075
Sunfly Ladies Night DVD SFLN001 - SFLN001
Sunfly Laser Disc Golden Greats LD SFLG01 - SFLG02
Sunfly Laser Disc KJ Favorites LD SFLK01 - SFLK01
Sunfly Laser Disc LD SFL001 - SFL019
Sunfly Monthly Multi-Plex CD+G SFM9705 - SFM9706
Sunfly Most Wanted CD+G SFMW801 - SFMW932
Sunfly Platinum CD+G SFPL002 - SFPL024
Sunfly Pop Hits DVD SFPH001 - SFPH002
Sunfly SBI Black Label Series CD+G SBL604 - SBL621
Sunfly SBI Series CD+G SBI001 - SBI065
Sunfly Scottish CD+G SFS01 - SFS01
Sunfly Shirley Bassey CD+G SFSB01 - SFSB01
Sunfly Teen Pack #1 CD+G SFTP01 - SFTP06
Sunfly Teen Pack #2 CD+G SFTP201 - SFTP206
Sunfly Teen Pack #3 CD+G SFTP301 - SFTP306
Sunfly The Carpenters DVD SFCA01 - SFCA01
Sunfly Video Disc VCD SFV501 - SFV530
Sunfly World Star CD+G SFWS001 - SFWS168
Super Best Karaoke CD+G SBK001 - SBK024
Super Billboard Hits DVD SBHD301 - SBHD306
Super Core 2005 Pack CD+G SP501 - SP516
Super Core 2006 Pack CD+G SPC601 - SPC618
Super Core 2007-2008 Pack CD+G SPC701 - SPC716
Super Core CD+G SPC001 - SPC038
Super Core SCD+G SPS01 - SPS01
Super High 2000 Karaoke DVD SHD901 - SHD904
Super High 2000 Karaoke VCD SHV901 - SHV904
Super HighLife VCD SHLV4001 - SHLV4002
Super Hits Video VCD SHV01 - SHV43
Super Trax CD+G SPX001 - SPX010
Superstar Karaoke CD+G SS501 - SS552
Superstar Karaoke DVD SKD6601 - SKD6619
Superstar Video Disc 800 Series VCD SSV801 - SSV838
Superstar Video Disc 900 Series VCD SSV901 - SSV904
Sweet Georgia Brown 1st Edition CD+G SGBF001 - SGBF068
Sweet Georgia Brown 2nd Edition CD+G SGB001 - SGB068
Sweet Georgia Brown Classic Rock Pack CD+G SGBCR01 - SGBCR03
Sweet Georgia Brown Female Super Star Pack CD+G SGBFS01 - SGBFS03
Sweet Georgia Brown Fun Pack 1 (2 Disc) CD+G SGBFP1A - SGBFP1B
Sweet Georgia Brown Fun Pack 1 (4 Disc) CD+G SGFP101 - SGFP104
Sweet Georgia Brown Fun Pack 2 (2 Disc) CD+G SGBFP2A - SGBFP2B
Sweet Georgia Brown Fun Pack 2 (4 Disc) CD+G SGFP201 - SGFP204
Sweet Georgia Brown Super Pop Pack CD+G SGBPP01 - SGBPP05
Sweet Georgia Brown Tool Box Deluxe # 1 CD+G SGB1001 - SGB1010
Sweet Georgia Brown Tool Box Deluxe # 2 CD+G SGB1001 - SGB1020
Tip Top CD+G TIP6001 - TIP6021
Tip Top Laser LD TIPL001 - TIPL024
Todos A Cantar CD+G TKAR3004 - TKAR3094
Top Hits Karaoke CD+G THK201 - THK211
Top Hits Karaoke Laser Disk LD THL01A - THL06B
Top Hits Karaoke Video Disc VCD THV101 - THV114
Top Hits Today CD+G THT9811 - THT9811
Top Pop Hits CD+G TPH0197 - TPH0397
Top Tunes 60s Pack [Discontinued] CD+G TT601 - TT607
Top Tunes 70s Pack [Discontinued] CD+G TT701 - TT706
Top Tunes 80s Pack [Discontinued] CD+G TT801 - TT807
Top Tunes Country Pack [Discontinued] CD+G TTCP01 - TTCP07
Top Tunes Fun Pack # 01 - 82 [Discontinued] CD+G TTFP01 - TTFP82
Top Tunes Fun Pack Re-Releases [Discontinued] CD+G TTFPR03 - TTFPR82
Top Tunes Multiplex Series [Discontinued] CD+G TTM001 - TTM124
Top Tunes Pro Disc [Discontinued] CD+G TT001 - TT272
Top Tunes Pro Disc Re-Releases [Discontinued] CD+G TTR002 - TTR252
Top Tunes Rock Pack 2002 [Discontinued] CD+G TTRP0201 - TTRP0206
Top Tunes Teen Pack [Discontinued] 2002 CD+G TTTN0201 - TTTN0207
Top Tunes Teen Pack [Discontinued] CD+G TTTEP01 - TTTEP07
Top Tunes Tune Pack [Discontinued] CD+G TTTUP01 - TTTUP12
Top Tunes Wedding Pack # 1 [Discontinued] CD+G TTWP101 - TTWP106
Tropical Zone Bolero Series CD+G TZB2001 - TZB2008
Tropical Zone Cristiano CD+G TZC002 - TZC008
Tropical Zone Fiesta Hits (1125) SCD+G TZH1125 - TZH1125
Tropical Zone Fiesta Mexicana SCD+G TZFM01 - TZFM01
Tropical Zone Fiesta Pack 2 CD+G TZF201 - TZF212
Tropical Zone Fiesta Pack CD+G TZFP01 - TZFP12
Tropical Zone Gilberto Santa Rosa Pack CD+G TZSR01 - TZSR06
Tropical Zone Latin DVD TZDV6001 - TZDV6005
Tropical Zone Latin Hits MPX 407 SCD+G TZG6501 - TZG6501
Tropical Zone Latin Hits MPX 500 SCD+G TZG3001 - TZG3001
Tropical Zone Latin Oldies CD+G TZO001 - TZO008
Tropical Zone Latin Party CD+G TZLP1001 - TZLP1115
Tropical Zone Latin Power VCD TZP001 - TZP056
Tropical Zone Latin Stars CD+G TZS001 - TZS459
Tropical Zone Luise Miguel 4 Pack CD+G TZLM01 - TZLM04
Tropical Zone Magic Music Cristiano CD+G TZM9011 - TZM9011
Tropical Zone Mariachi Collection CD+G TZMC9001 - TZMC9008
Tropical Zone Pop Balada CD+G TZPB001 - TZPB008
Tropical Zone Six Pack VCD TZV0101 - TZV0106
U K Karaoke CD+G UK3101 - UK3901
U-BEST Childeren CD+G UBGDM001 - UBGDM009
U-BEST Childrens VCD VUBC01 - VUBC04
U-BEST Christmas VCD VUBX01 - VUBX02
U-BEST Laser LD UB0051A - UB0164B
U-BEST Latin Fever CD+G UBLF001 - UBLF053
U-BEST Pop Hits CD+G UBPH001 - UBPH012
U-BEST Spanish LD JPH001A - JPH008B
U-BEST Spanish VCD JDVPH001 - JDVPH016
U-BEST Super Hits CD+G UBSH001 - UBSH080
U-BEST Super Hits DVD SHDV001 - SHDV038
U-BEST Super Hits VCD SHVC001 - SHVC088
U-BEST Top English Hits DVD UBDV001 - UBDV020
U-BEST Top Hits English Songs VCD JDVN001 - JDVN054
U-BEST Top Hits VCD UBTH001 - UBTH044
Ultimate Love Songs VCD ULV001 - ULV006
Ultra Sonic #2 CD+G USG001 - USG004
Ultra Sonic CD+G US01 - US03
United Karaoke VCD UNV01 - UNV30
United Laser Karaoke LD UN0001A - UN0102B
Viva Fiesta Latina Karaoke CD+G VFLG001 - VFLG040
Viva Fiesta Latina Karaoke VCD VFLV001 - VFLV026
Viva Latina Karaoke CD+G VLV501 - VLV504
Wonderful Music Collection VCD WMV01 - WMV04
World Laser LD WL0021A - WL0030B
World Star Classics VCD GEKV801 - GEKV850
World Star DVD WSD801 - WSD827
World Star Video VCD WSV21 - WSV22
Xtreme Karaoke Artist Series CD+G XTA046 - XTA134
Xtreme Karaoke Rock Series CD+G XTR28 - XTR28
Zoom 2017 Pop Box CD+G Z17PB1 - Z17PB6
Zoom 60s Pop Box Party Pack CD+G Z60PB1 - Z60PB6
Zoom 80s Pop CD+G ZS801 - ZS806
Zoom Acoustic CD+G ZMA001 - ZMA001
Zoom Addicted To Karaoke DVD ZAD001 - ZAD003
Zoom Christmas Pop Box CD+G ZXPB1 - ZXPB4
Zoom Driving Rock CD+G ZSH801 - ZSH803
Zoom Five Of A Kind CD+G ZFK01 - ZFK02
Zoom Jukebox Classic Oldies CD+G ZJB001 - ZJB019
Zoom Karaoke Golden Years CD+G ZMG3059 - ZMG3087
Zoom Karaoke Hits CD+G ZM001 - ZM022
Zoom Karaoke Ultimate Party Pack CD+G ZUP01 - ZUP06
Zoom Launchpack CD+G ZM2001 - ZM2010
Zoom Launchpack V3 CD+G ZLP301 - ZLP306
Zoom Legends CD+G ZKL001 - ZKL020
Zoom Modern Musicals ZMM01 - ZMM01
Zoom Platinum Artists CD+G ZMP001 - ZMP130
Zoom Pop Chart Picks CD+G ZPC001 - ZPC20186
Zoom Pop Pack 2 CD+G ZMPP21 - ZMPP22
Zoom Song Master Series CD+G ZSM001 - ZSM003
Zoom Super Hits 60s CD+G ZM601 - ZM603
Zoom Super Hits 70s CD+G ZM701 - ZM703
Zoom Super Hits 80s CD+G ZM801 - ZM803
Zoom Super Hits 90s CD+G ZM901 - ZM903
Zoom Super Hits Country CD+G ZMCY1 - ZMCY3
Zoom Super Hits Disco CD+G ZMDS1 - ZMDS3
Zoom Turbo Packs CD+G ZTP001 - ZTP030
Zoom Twofers Medleys CD+G ZTF01 - ZTF01
Zoom Vocal Stars CD+G ZVS001 - ZVS023
Zoom Whole Lotta Soul CD+G ZSL101 - ZSL106
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